Nebojscha Herman Sawa Popow

Nebojscha Herman Sawa Popow

Nebojscha Herman Sawa Popow

Nebojscha Herman Sawa Popow
* 06.04.1950 to † 09.23.2021
I am deeply saddened to announce that my father, Nebojscha Popow, passed away peacefully at night on September 23, 2021, at the age of 71, surrounded by his loving family including my brother, my mother, my wife and daughter and myself.
My dad, Nebojscha, devoted his life to an unwavering love of orchids, focusing primarily on the genus Paphiopedilum.  During his orchid journey, he was fully engaged in all aspects of the genus Paphiopedilum , including their discovery, cultivation and breeding, with the goal of enhancing our knowledge of this species that has so greatly impacted multitudes of orchid growers around the world.  His love resulted in an abundance of lifetime friendships, including many who joined us on his journey, all driven by their global love of orchids.  
For those in this global orchid community, he was known as a world famous orchid legend, a friend, a teacher, a hero, a master, a world travel perfectionist and a smart Sympathie Orchid and Paphiopedilum lover.  I called him dad, but in addition to being my dad, he was more importantly my best friend, mentor and hero.
To the very end, dad spent most of his time in our greenhouses, filling his days with what he loved the most, orchids.  Nebojscha Popow will always live in our hearts, and we will sorely miss him, his amazing knowledge and experience and his infectious love of orchids.
Many of our friends and customers knew my dad before I was even born.  I want to thank everyone for their support during this difficult time and hope we can all look back on, and share with each other, remembrances of the happiness, wisdom and good times we all shared with Neobjscha during the life he so generously shared with all of us.


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